Konferenz 16.-17. Mai 2017 in Wien: „Promoting uptake of paternity and parental leave among fathers“

The EU-project „Men and Reconciliation of Work and Family: Supporting the Path to Gender Equal Distribution of Parental Leave and Working Time“ (2015-2017) pursues inter alia the target to identify promoting and hindering factors for a better reconciliation of work and family for men in Austria. This EU project is supported by the European Union Program for „Rights, Equality and Union Citizenship“ (2014 – 2020). For the purpose of an EU-wide exchange of experience on this issue, the Austrian Ministry for Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection organised a conference on „Promoting uptake of paternity and parental leave among fathers for an equal share of child care between women and men“ that took place on 16th and 17th of May 2017 in Vienna. During this conference various European models on paternity leave/daddy month(s), parental leave and parental part-time as well as different aspects, challenges and „good practice examples“ were presented and discussed.


Program:  www.sozialministerium.at/conference_eu-project_workandfamily


European Commission Bissieres

Slovenia Trtnik Del Fabro

Lithuania Kalinauskas

Portugal Fidalgo

Iceland Arnalds

Austria BMFJ Gaube

Estonia Vseviov

panel_1_background_and_questions Gerstmann

Austria LR Social Research

Germany Deerberg

Austria abzaustria Vollmann

Denmark Rostgaard

Austria AK Hauer

Austria ÖGB Lackner

Austria Schmidt

Austria FORBA

Austria BMASK Gumhold

Slovenia Azman

Italy Parrella

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